"Linking People, Protecting Environment"


On improving environment

Advising and providing solutions

At City Engineering Company Limited (CECL), we do not only advise and provide solutions on advise on compliance requirements but also solutions to existing challenges so as to demonstrate compliance to dust development with best environmental practices and international standards. Our services range on the following areas.

How we serve

Environmental Assessment And Management

Main services under the environmental management department are divided into two groups i.e. Strategic Advice and Managing Risks. Read More

Site Remediation and Closure

The company and its Managing Director (Anael Macha) considered as the first natives to Tanzania and East Africa region to participate in the Statutory Mine Closure Plan’s development… Read More

Water Supply And Sanitation

The main services that we offer ranges from feasibility studies of Water Supply and Sanitation projects to Planning and Detail design of Water Supply Systems and Sanitation Projects in Urban and Rural Areas … Read More

Waste Management

Due to economic development of in Tanzania, the waste management especially hazardous waste has been challenge which need special attention. We advise on waste segregation and safe disposal in accordance to best environmental practice…. Read More

Environmental Monitoring

The company owns set of the groundwater and surface water monitoring equipments and min-laboratory which can be used to handle samples before reaching analytical laboratory. Read More

Water Resources Management

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Gis And Remote Sensing

In order to help decision makers to understand issues and make appropriate decision, Geographic Information System (GIS) has been a useful tools in presenting our findings…. Read More