"Linking People, Protecting Environment"

Our Story

Who we are

Our love of nature

CECL expertise’s made from a combination of local and international partners who have decided to combine their strengths to provide local and internationally acceptable and practicable solutions to environmental, social, safety, and quality problems. Our accumulated knowledge from working with diverse sectors, cultures, business environments, legislation and standards assist our clients to achieve their goals more efficiently and responsibly.

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Our Vision

CECL vision is to become the most sought-after firm due to our achievements of providing the most appropriate technical solutions for each client through superior Customer Service, Innovation, Quality Services and Root Cause/detailed investigation/Problem analysis.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure we provide the right resources at the right time to maximise our clients’ business potential.

Our Values

Our values are honesty, integrity, commitment, confidentiality and timely deliveries. We are straight forward, in all our dealings with clients, aspirants, and our employees.

Working Structure

CECL staff consists of qualified and experienced persons who include its partners (local and internationals) and permanent and temporary employees. These are complemented by specialized professionals who are hired based on expertise required in particular project and forming partnerships with other firms. CECL has access to a network of firms and individual specializing in mineral, oil & gas extraction, civil engineering, land survey, resettlement, land acquisition and livelihood restoration whom we have already established working relations and successfully completed projects.

The daily operations managed by Managing Director supported by Project Managers (Lead Consultants), Administrator Project, Project Accountant and Supporting Crew. Depend on the size of the project; the Managing Director can also be Lead Consultant.

The project execution profile is shown below.